Daniel Soukup: Dan Disney (ed.): Exploring Second Language Creative Writing. Beyond Babel

On the recently released volume 2 of Scriptum magazine (Jyväskyla University), our Czech colleague Daniel Soukup performs a thoughtful critic of Dan Disney’s book Exploring Second Language Creative Writing. Beyond  Babel (John Benjamins, 2014), a compilation of seven essays reflecting on the new paradigm of “bilinguals’ creativity” in various institutional and cultural settings. “Thanks to the unity of approach —Soukup points out—, soundness of theoretical foundations, wealth of topics covered and sharpness of observation, Exploring Second Language Creative Writing provides a significant contribution to both research and teaching practice”

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The second 2015 volume of Scriptum, the Creative Writing Research Journal edited by Jyvässkylä University has been recently published and is now available on the web. The magazine is bilingually released both in Finnish and English and open to worldwide contributors. Daniel Soukup’s contribution reviewing Dan Disney’s book has been kindly authorised by both the editor in chief and the author for publication on our EACWP website. The review is available bellow.

Scriptum vol 2, 4/2015. Index

Juhani Ihanus: Self-Narratives Between the self and the other • 4

Karoliina Kähmi: Advances in Poetry Therapy • 30

Outi Kallionpää: Uusien kirjoitustaitojen opetus– Luovaa ja yhteisöllistä kirjoittamista osallisuuden kulttuurissa • 44


Daniel Soukup Dan Disney (ed.) Exploring Second Language Creative Writing. Beyond Babel • 76

Risto Niemi-Pynttäri: Michael Dean Clark, Trent Hergenrader, Joseph Rein (ed. by): Creative Writing in the Digital Age, Theory, practice, and pedagogy • 90

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