Cuaderno exquisito: a call for European stories

Cuaderno exquisito is a publishing project headed by a group of young European philology students (Belgian/Portuguese/Spanish) collecting stories for an international and multilingual collection. 3000-word texts in French, Spanish, Galician, Italian or Portuguese are welcome. The deadline for participants interested is April, 30, (2017)

Playing around with the word game and the concept of a cadavre exquis, Cuaderno exquisito is an emergent publishing initiative —headed by Amir Hossein Safaei y Shimanto Reza—, which seeks to compile and gather around a first edition of stories from all over Europe.

“They could be expressed by representing the extremely local voice of a person in his unreachable room —the editors point out—; a Parisian that above all else is Parisian and not French or European or Western; a truck driver on the route from Portugal to Poland; a pilot or passenger for the low-cost Ryanair or Flixbus network; the globetrotting people passing from one party to another without thinking or stopping at the edges of our continent; a Palentinian farmer or a Russian-speaking navigator of the Black Sea; a son of Luxemburgish political parents born and raised on the other side of the pond; a Moroccan magnet that gives sermons in Arabic in Brussels or a humanist and globalist intellectual who does not even want to take the word ‘Europe’ into the mouth.”

It is precisely this —the wide perspective of our continent— what Cuaderno exquisito is eager to collage by joining the drawings of parts of a European exquisite notebook.

“What will we have after giving electric shocks to our monster? —Amir and Shimanto ask—. An abomination with no head or tail? A photorealistic portrait? An apparent non-sense Picasso’s figure which actually does make sense at the end? We’ll see.”

Guidelines for participants

  • 3000 words-text in French, Spanish, Galician, Italian or Portuguese.
  • Brief biography (name, email, nationality or country of residence, a short personal description and publication history).
  • Submit to before April, 30 (2017).

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