CELA project: Introductory week

Brussels is the European city currently hosting the launching of the first edition of CELA project–Connecting Emerging Literary Artists, headed by our colleagues from Winternuin-ArtEZ (The Netherlands). The appointment has been set in the international house of literature Passa Porta

Since 2014, on initiative of Wintertuin (The Netherlands), seven literary organisations and professionals from six European countries have joined forces to set up now the talent development project ‘CELA – Connecting Emerging Literary Artists’: Wintertuin, Huis deBuren (Belgium), Pisa Book Festival (Italy), Booktaylors (Portugal), Escuela de Escritores (Madrid), GAV/ CINEPU (Romania), Passa Porta (Belgium).

The partners found each other in their shared concerns about the growing gaps in the literary sector: between literary talents, the industry and the European public. They share the need to build a sustainable talent development infrastructure to maintain diversity in European literature and give literary talents the professional boost they need to become successful in the world of tomorrow. ArtEZ (The Netherlands) and Escuela de Escritores (Madrid) are two of our EACWP institutional members officially participating.

CELA’s mission is to increase the capacity of a new generation of literary creators to work together on an international scale and for the European public. To this end, CELA offers a selection of 18 emerging authors, 24 emerging translators, 6 emerging literary professionals and 7 literary organizations a two-year trajectory of training, tools and network with the aim of facilitating an international career and building a combined professional practice for the 48 selected talents.

Passa Porta (Brussels)

Focusing on capacity building and transnational mobility, the project specifically integrates the digital opportunities for literature, new ways of creating revenue and the employability of the participants. The first edition of the talent development program will run for two years. In the first year, the seven innovative organizations will together select and guide the authors, translators and literary professionals, and offer them a multi-country program of training and master classes to prepare them for working on the European market and for an international public. The program provides the target groups with the necessary skills, combined professional practice is a professional practice with more than one source of income. Preferably a mix of activities which are in direct line of the artistic work: writing assignments, teaching, editing, guiding talents, etc. international network and materials for the second year: their introduction on the European literature market.

In 2018 and 2019, the participants will be launched through international marketing and publicity campaigns, a European tour to six (festival) stages and networking and connecting by well-known writers (ambassadors) and literary organizations. By participating in this project, the literary talents will gain access to a plethora of professionals from the publishing industry, such as translators, agents, publishers, event organisers, literature professors, ambassadors and official entities, private programmers and audiences. The project will increase the number of contract deals for literary creators and the ability of the participants to pursue an international career, as its methods have shown on a national scale. This first edition will be followed by a second, third, etc. edition. In the long term, CELA will become a crucial step in the literary talent development infrastructure in Europe, maintaining a cultural diverse offer of literature for the European audience.

Supported by the European Union, this project seeks to consolidate an innovative path to connect literary profesionals, writers and readears across Europe. Brussels will be over this week the first stop of this thrilling and promising European journey.

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