CELA Project in Madrid | Montage Week

From May, 9 to 12 the headquarters of the Escuela de Escritores in Madrid hosted the Montage Week gathering 150 European literary professionals, who are taking part in the second edition of the CELA Project (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists)

Over the four days of the Montage Week, the artists selected for this second edition of CELA (writers and translators) went through a general rehearsal for the literary events they will be presented at in different European festivals, starting this summer. In addition, during these days of work in Madrid, the CELA artists received various training through workshops that were held at the Escuela de Escritores headquarters, dedicated, among others, to stage skills, essay writing, moderating events and conducting interviews, making reports or organizing the curatorship of a literary event.

The CELA Project was born in 2017 with the aim of training, promoting and helping emerging writers, translators and literary professionals to boost their careers in the European environment. It has the support of the European Union through the Creative Europe program and in its second edition (2019-2023) eleven cultural institutions from ten EU countries participate.

CELA is a contact network amongst professionals that favors the exchange and direct translation between the non-dominant languages ​​of the European publishing market, which facilitates to readers the possibility of knowing, evaluating and enjoying the literature written in all those European languages.

To this end, CELA offers the participants involved into the project a four-year plan that includes training and broadening their professional and creative horizons, the creation of a network of contacts and the promotion of their texts and their careers as authors in various countries in Europe.

The institutions participating in this second edition Wintertuin (Netherlands), Huis de Buren and Passa Porta (Belgium), Scuola Holden (Italy), GOGA (Slovenia), Krokodil (Serbia), the Municipal Chamber of Óbidos (Portugal), the Czech Literary Center (Czech Republic), the Publishers Association (Romania), the Krakow Festival Office (Poland) and the School of Writers (Spain). They represent nine EU languages ​​(Dutch, Italian, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Polish and Spanish) and bring together 27 authors, 81 translators and six emerging literary professionals, as well as expert authors, translators and literary professionals, who will serve as mentors.

After the whole Montage Week, 32 and a half hours of meetings and gatherings, 20 workshops, 20 hours of rehearsals took place to prepare 30 performances of emerging writers and performers, a round table on the future of European literature, three performances and, above all, a week living the dream that Europe can be built and united through literature.