CELA #1 Method, tools & results

The first edition of our CELA project has handed out a guide to good practices, which is now available

CELA (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists) offers a European context to a new generation of literary creators. The first edition of CELA started in 2017 and ran for two years. From September 2019 onward, the second edition of CELA will unfold. Again supported by Creative Europe of the European Union, CELA#2 grows significantly with new partners and more countries.

The only one of its kind in Europe, it brings together 30 emerging authors, 80 emerging translators and 6 emerging literary professionals to show the potential of literature to connect people, to offer a bigger opportunity to small languages and to drive change. Together, the participants tackle some of the challenging realities of our age – from increasingly sharp divisions within Europe to a changing book publishing industry – and place them in perspective, share their work, and bridge the gaps between each other, the publishing industry and the European public.

A European literary talent development project: the methods and tools of the first edition is a valuable bibliographic outcome, which may be now consulted as a wishfully inspiring and useful guide to good practices for new emerging UE projects.

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