Recetas para el misterio

Published by the Spanish publishing house Anthropos, this book gathers a wide compilation of academic contributions by some of our British colleagues such as Derek Neale (The Open University). With his article El cuento en la academia: mímesis, diégesis y el rol del drama y el cine translated into Spanish for this collection, Neale confirms, somehow, the irony of the title of the book: there is no mystery -but discipline and pratice- in the art of creative writing

The Open University: contests, research and courses

The Open University is one of the newest institutions that have recently joined the EACWP over the past academic year as part of our mutual recognition and partnership with NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) over its last conference in November, 2015. These are some of the activities that our colleagues from the UK are currently developing.

EACWP XIth symposium

This year Madrid was the hosting city of the European event. Between the 27th and the 31st of May, Escuela de Escritores welcomed more than 40 European participants with a remarked presence of our colleagues from the UK, headed by NAWE’s director Paul Munden.