Three versions of the real: Travel Writing

After publishing the first workshop of our 1st. EACWP Teachers Training Course (Alain André’s “Out of the ivory tower” ), this publication seeks to feature Leen van der Berg’s proposal regarding Travel Writing. Thanks to our colleague Daniéle Pètrés (Aleph-Écriture) the three main pedagogical sessions of our pedagogical journey in Normandy (July, 2017) have been reviewed and published in L’Inventoire, as part of a first hand testimony. Leen van der Berg’s contribution is, then, the second delivery of this teachers’ training series

A first attempt at a vision on creative writing as a learning place in Europe

Our colleague Erik Vanhee from Creatief Schrijven (Belgium), over the following reflection, renews some of the questions that have enlivened the vision and the mission of the EACWP. How do we dream Europe by teaching CW? Is there a European identity when it comes down to CW? How by teaching and learning CW are we writing Europe? are some of the concerns brought back in the light of our “spiritual wonder”