Baricco’s tour reborn 2013

Alessandro Baricco will be promoting the new Scuola Holden around nine different Italian cities plus Madrid. The tour will last until the end of May


The Italian writer and founder of the storytelling school of Turin started to spread Holden’s good news since yesterday (April, 15) in the Feltrinelli bookshop in Parma. Baricco’s tour also involves the presentation of his new book Una certa idea di mondo, a collection of articles published with great success in La Repubblica.

After 20 years of storytelling teaching, Scuolan Holden will experience a Big Bang effect. A new four thousand meters building of the ex- Caserma Cavalli will host 400 students and six different storytelling disciplines in both Italian and English: Writing, Filmmaking, Acting, Series, Real World and Crossmedia. On the 8th of October, Scuola Holden will be widely reborned.



1. April, 15. Parma. Feltrinelli bookshop.

2. April, 22. Genova. Teatro Archivolto.

3. May, 7. Madrid. Istituto italiano + Librería La Central.

4. May, 13. Milan. Feltrinelli bookshop.

5. May, 14. Rome. Feltrinelli bookshop.

6. May, 15. Verona. Feltrinelli bookshop.

7. May, 21 . Florence. Feltrinelli bookshop.

8. May, 22. Naples. Feltrinelli bookshop.

9. May, 23. Palermo. Feltrinelli bookshop.

10. May, 26. Lecce. Libreria Liberrima.


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