III Internacional Conference on Creative Writing

Where? Scuola Holden in Torino (Italy)

When? From 21 to 26 September, 2016

Programme, presentations and abstracts

(A) Workshops

  1. The desire of writing by Lorena Briedis
  2. Story region: Storytelling as a tool for building communities by Ugo Sandulli | Download
  3. Creative writing workshop by Alain Andrè
  4. Interlingual workshop of writing by Magda Ruta
  5. Pitching training by Stefano Tealdi

(B) Short Track: Taste It

  1. ROC, by Pascal Biras
  2. Music as a key to storytelling by Selene Favuzzi & Luigi Maiello
  3. At Christmas give a memory by Manuela Ravecca
  4. Do you see what I saw? by Kaisa & Leena Suvanto
  5. Journey to the centre of the tail by Javier Sagarna
  6. Texts from the discovery and gift shop by Xavier Roelens

(C) Short Track: Back to the roots

  1. Before improvisation by Risto Niemi/Pynttari
  2. Telling wartime memories by Vincenzo Cascone
  3. Glad to be sad by Alessio Arbustini
  4. Emotions in writing by Mariana Torres
  5. Where to find common roots for a sequel by Dario Honnorat

(D) Europe The Sequel

  1. How Europe became united by Inez Baranay
  2. Brexti: The consequences of storytelling by Mattia Garofalo
  3. Questions and secrets by Marie Silkeberg

(E) Open Mic

  1. A post-modern biography by Lorna Gibb
  2. Internation Wormen Fiction Festival by Mariateresa Cascino
  3. European in Australia by Inez Baranay F
  4. A radio play class and its synergetic interconnectedness with the medium radio by Fritz Ostermayer
  5. Spoiler alert by Alessio Arbustini
  6. Wider das glatte, against smoothness by Orhan Kipcak
  7. Play for the vital stakes by Paul Graves | Download Abstract | Download PDF
  8. Spreading the word by Tim Kelly & Alyson Morris
  9. How to build, lead and guide a creative writing course with a lot of nationalities and languages (and cultures) in one group by Erik Vanhee
  10. Ode to the things by Tatjana Portnova
  11. Rivistapp EACWP by Elisa Botticella & Antonio Diaz Perez
  12. Against expertise by Ferdinando Morgana
  13. The teacher in the virtual environment by Ana Guerberof & Franco Chiaravalloti
  14. The gesture of the manifester by FALKNER
  15. The words are purpouses by Seraphima Kennedy
  16. Using learning principles by Gale Burns
  17. Professional befriending by Tehri Forssen