II Internacional Conference on Creative Writing

Where? in Orivesi (Finland)

When? From 22 to 25 September, 2014

Programme, presentations and abstracts

(A) Lectures

  1. Reading, writing and teaching: how far our early readings are important for the way we teach? by Alain André
  2. Our Roots are in the air by Philip Gross | Download PDF
  3. Creative writing as a tool in rehabilitation and educational work by Jurate Sucylaité
  4. Reflections on therapeutic writing by Juhani Ihanus

(B) Round tables

  1. Writing about grief by Tuija Saresma and Phillip Gross

(C) Autobiographical writing

  1. Teacher in front of an autobiographical writer by Nora Ekström
  2. Here and now: on autobiographical prose by Hans Tarjei Skaare
  3. How to help writers turn their life into fiction by Leonardo Stagliano

(D) Different grounds and tools for writing

  1. A learning journal as a tool of basic studies in writing by Anne Mari Rautiainen
  2. Ground for writing by Silvia Schiavo
  3. The forgotten land. The childhood as a creativity tool to create characters by Mariana Torres
  4. Acoustic Poetics The Music of Language by Jürgen Berlakovich
  5. Creativity is overrated! Is creativity overrated? New strategies for the good old ouvroir de littérature potentielle by Fritz Ostermayer
  6. Micro-fiction: the Real Story by Rubén Abella

(E) Writing and well-being

  1. Schizophrenia and language: therapeutic aspects by Karoliina Kähmi
  2. Association of creativity and mental disorders in creative writing process via neuroimaging techniques and self-perception by Noora Kaikkonen
  3. The Threat of Therapy. On Writing and Literature, and Stigma by Saara Jäntti