Alain André in Escuela de Escritores

From Wednesday, 27th to Friday, 29th of November, the director of Aleph-Écriture and vice-president of the EACWP will debut as one of Escuela de Escritores’ teachers with an interdisciplinary course: Writing from the pictures you shot

alain andré

One of the questions that have encouraged a common reflection at the EACWP How do we dream Europe by teaching Creative Writing? could be somehow responded with experiences like the one that will be happening during the coming days between two of our founding schools: Escuela de Escritores (Madrid) and Aleph-Écriture (Paris).

One year ago, after our Conference in Paris (Nov, 2012), one of the initiatives discussed as fundamental and inspiring in terms of pedagogical exchange was the Teachers’ Interchange Program. During this last year, our schools have proposed potential courses offered by its teachers that could enable them to experience new teaching backgrounds around Europe as well as our students to diversify their learning opportunities. Also, the Teachers’ Interchange Program has also been conceived as an impelling possibility to  strenghten practical and «spiritual» cooperation on Creative Writing through a European pedagogical community.

In this ocassion, Alain André —between 18.00 to 20.30 from Wednesday, 27 to Friday, 29— will impart a a three days course in Escuela de Escritores by sharing two of his most passionated interests: writing and photography. Additionally, on Thursday morning, Alain will run a master class for the teachers of the Spanish school.

Alain André in Escuela de Escritores will be the first trial of the official interchange program although several pedagogical exchanges have taken place already in the recent years such as the one of Javier Sagarna in Orivesi College of Arts or the one of the poet Risto Ahti in Madrid.

This new encounter honors and embodies both the desire and the will at EACWP to continue dreaming Europe seriously.

About the course

A lot of writers use photographical diaries, or use photographies as a documentation or an investigation (Hervé Guibert, W.G. Sebald, Roland Barthes…). Photographers as well, use both writing and photography (Duane Michals, Sophie Calle…). The session then is centered about the way photography and writing may question one another and be combined – without repeating themselves of course. How to use one’s own photographies, and photographers’ ones, to identify one’s own way of «shooting and writing»? You’ll be invited to: write about your relationship with photography; live a short experience of shooting pictures outside around the school; develop a writing project from 5 to 10 pictures (including some you bring and didn’t shoot); and show the result in the school. Each student comes to the workshop with a numerical camera – no matter if it’s a very Small and simple one- or a tablet computer able to shoot pictures. The photographies will have to be video-projected.)

Alain André

is an author of novels (La Passion, dit Max [Passion, said Max], Thierry Magnier, 2007,Rien que du bleu ou Presque [Nothing but Blue or Almost], Denoël, 2000) and of various essays dedicated to writing and writing workshops (Babel heureuse [Happy Babel], Syros-Alternatives et Aleph, 2011, Devenir écrivain [Becoming a Writer], Leduc.s and Aleph, 2012, Écrire l’expérience [Writing from Experience], in collaboration with Mireille Cifali, PUF, 2007). As a writer, he is obsessed with topics that have fallen out of or already come back into fashion, such as agitprop, aesthetics of fragmentation, new education and the questioning of genre.

President of Aleph-Écriture and Vice-President of the EACWP (European Association of Creative Writing Programmes), he enjoys spreading the happy diseases of reading, writing and thinking in his writing workshops, public readings and in the columns «Atelier ouvert” [Open Workshop] and «Glossaire” [Glossary].