The IV Teachers Training Course

From the 12th to the 17th of July, 2020, the EACWP launches its fourth European Course for Teachers of Creative Writing taking place in Alden Biesen (Belgium). Enrollments will be open  in the coming weeks for worldwide participants in this website.

Creative Writing for Teachers

A European Course for Teachers of Creative Writing

This four days course gathers together a selection of our most expert European teachers. Over the morning sessions, our EACWP teachers will share their different methodologies, approaches and experiences in the teaching of Creative Writing by offering a so called “auteur workshop” by performing and explaining their own ars pedagogica and didactics.

Additionally, over the afternoon sessions, the teachers in training will be invited to take part into pedagogical creative laboratories to discuss several approaches to different teaching proposals taking into account the context and the experience of the several teachers participating in the discussion. At the end of the day, the outcome of this exchange will be presented in groups in a final sharing session, supported and commented by the EACWP teachers and the rest of the participants.

In the occasion of this fourth edition, we would like to make extensive the invitation to worldwide colleagues interested in taking part in this pedagogical interchange.

Criteria for participants

This training is for:

  • Beginner teachers keen to learn about the pedagogy of teaching creative writing and the different international approaches
  • Intermediate teachers wanting to broaden their grasp of pedagogical concepts in an international and culturally diverse environment
  • More expert teachers interested in sharing their experiences and approaches and enriching their own perspectives from international discussions and comparisons
  • Students of creative writing willing to deepen into their knowledge and skills within the contents of the different working proposals in an international context

Course Venue

Alden Bielsen is a 16-century castle in Belgium, about one hour away from Brussels and half an hour away from Maastricht (The Netherlands). The castle is used today as a cultural centre, where several festivals such as the Scottish weekend are hosted.


The information about 2020 teachers, program, fees and more details will be published in this website in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, you may have a look at the program of our I, II and III Teachers Training Courses.