Acoustic poetry: the music of language

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of November, Juergen Berlakovich from both the Vienna Poetry School (sfd) and the Vegetable Orchestra will be imparting this course in Escuela de Escritores (Madrid), within the frame of our Teachers’ Interchange Program and thanks to the UE Eramus+ program. The three days class will be held in English. Registrations are already open


Acoustic poetry is a field of highly creative exploration that can serve as a starting point for writing narrative texts. That is what Juergen has demonstrated in most of the workshops he has developed throughout our different EACWP pedagogical events.

This time, in his course at Escuela de Escritores, our Austrian colleague will attend to some key questions and will encourage students to find out few answers by pure experimentation. When does  language become sound? Is there a semantic sound ? How do we shape our narrative acoustic world around us? How does our narrative writing is influenced by sound, rhythm, harmony and melody? Can we enrich our writing process working with these techniques that acoustic poetry can provide us?

Additionally, Juergen Berlakovich will unload and analyse some of these tecniques in order to rehearse them through different writing exercises and, hence, explore new forms of narrative by combining literature, sound and music.

More information about this course in Madrid, here.

Juergen Berlakovich

Portraits Jürgen BerlakovichLanguage in script and sound. Uses spoken language in combination with guitars and electronics to create speechsoundtextures in electronic compositions and improvisations. Texts, audiocartoons, soundessays, soundinterpretations, filmmusic, performances and radioplays. Founder of Takamovsky, co-founder of the music- and literature-performance duo Sergej Mohntau. Member of the Vegetable Orchestra. Studied German literature and philosophy at Vienna University. Teaches acoustic poetry at the sfd – schule für dichtung.