8th Symposium of the EACWP: Vienna Poetry School 2012

The 8th annual meeting of the European Association of Creative Writing Programmes took place in Vienna during the 20th year anniversary of the Vienna Poetry School / Schule für dichtung. The event brought together members of the EACWP from Spain, Italy, Finland, France, Austria and the Czech Republic

One of the highlights of the meeting was welcoming two new members: Les Ateliers d’Ecriture Élisabeth Bing of Paris and the Creative Writing Program of Maastricht University. The main issues discussed over the three days concerned the current status of the Association, funding and grants for future projects. Likewise,  two subjects were openly held on a round table: the evaluation of the “Fundamentals of Poetry” project —which ran from February to July 2011— and the upcoming 1st EACWP International Pedagogical Conference in Paris in November, 2012.

A panel discussion on the topic of “the diversity of teaching” was also carried out by representatives of several of the EACWP member schools participating. A series of activities were deployed on the meeting celebration: poetry performances and creative writing classes with Anne Waldman (USA), Amir Or (Israel) and Daniel Soukup from the Literárni Akademie in Prague. Especially enjoyable was the evening when Waldman and Soukup presented the results of their classes on stage together with their students.

On Saturday June 2, 2012 was celebrated the 20th. anniversary gala evening enlivened by video and sound documents from 20 years of the school, poetry and texts written by its teachers and read by renowned actors from Vienna’s burgtheater. A laudation was held by Anne Waldman and Austrian authors Gerhard Rühm and Marlene Streeruwitz read texts that they had written just for the occasion. For the closing ceremony, members of the EACWP and local writers read out loud a poem by Sappho in eight different European languages  ( and also one stanza in ancient Greek).

Along with the EACWP symposium, the celebration of the 20th. anniversary of Vienna Poetry School/ Schule für dichtung was also an opportunity to commemorate the recent loss of founder and director Christian Ide Hintze, who passed away in February of this year.

EACWP symposium participants:

– Javier Sagarna, Mariana Torres, Daniel Saavedra (Escuela de Escritores, Madrid)

– Lea Iandiorio, Simone Fenoil, Mattia Garofalo (Scuola Holden, Turin)

– Reijo Virtanen, Harri István Maki (Oriveden Opisto – Orivesi College of Arts)

– Daniel Soukup, Radek Malý (Literární Akademie, Prague)

– Alain André, Louise Muller (Aleph-Écriture, Paris)

– Muriel Villanueva (Escola d´escriptura de l´Ateneu, Barcelona)

– Harriet Nachtmann, Renée Gadsden, Fritz Ostermayer, Orhan Kipcak (sfd, vienna)

– Marianne Jaeglé (Les Ateliers d´Écriture Élisabeth Bing, Paris)

– Ana Menendez (Maastricht University)

Pictures & info: