Daniel Soukup: Dan Disney (ed.): Exploring Second Language Creative Writing. Beyond Babel

On the recently released volume 2 of ‘Scriptum’ magazine, our Czech colleague Daniel Soukup performs a thoughtful critic of Dan Disney’s book ‘Exploring Second Language Creative Writing. Beyond Babel’ (John Benjamins, 2014), a compilation of seven essays reflecting on the new paradigm of “bilinguals’ creativity” in various institutional and cultural settings. “Thanks to the unity of approach —Soukup points out—, soundness of theoretical foundations, wealth of topics covered and sharpness of observation, ‘Exploring Second Language Creative Writing’ provides a significant contribution to both research and teaching practice”

“We cry the same tears, we suffer the same pains”

Within the frame of our “Column with personal voice”, our colleague from Kitabat (Lebanon), Georgia Makhlouf brings into view a series of reflections over the wake of the recent Paris terrorist episodes by merging both a European and an Arabic perspective. This article has been previously published on the French daily L’Humanité on (November,17) and kindly translated for our EACWP website by the author.