XI Symposium: Madrid, 2015

XI Symposium Agenda

The symposium will take place in Madrid (Spain) from May, 27th to Sunday May 31st. The host institution will be Escuela de Escritores (clic here for the complete map of meeting places). If you want to assist, please fill our registration form before May the 15th.

Wednesday, May 27th


Meeting | Restaurante Cabreira: C/Ruiz 2 (map)
Dinner | Same place

Thursday, May 28th

9.00 to 10.00
10.00 to 12.00

Meeting 1: Just Board members | Conde Duque, main entrance (map)
Board working session
Meeting 2: Just current members | Conde Duque, main entrance (map)
First working session
State of the EACWP:
President’s speech: Javier Sagarna
Organizational matters: next symposiums and events
Economical aspects
Creation of a new type of membership: observer member?
Discussion and administrative aspects
Economic review and membership fee of 2015
Vote on the budget

12.15 to 13.45

Meeting 3: New and observer members | Conde Duque, main door (map)
Coffe break
Working session 1/6
New members
Presentation of new institutional members and candidates:
1. Kingston University (UK) – Gale Burns
2. Ondokuz Mayis University CW Centre (Turkey) – Ílknur Tatar Kirilmis
3. ArtZ (The Netherlands) – Frank Tazellar and Monique Warnier

15.00 to 17.45

Lunch | La Cajita de Nori, bar terrace (map)
Working session 2/6
Introduction of Carmen Quintana
New members
Presentation of new institutional members and candidates
5. East Anglia University (UK) – Andrea Holland
6. The Open University (UK) – Derek Neale
7. Cardiff University (UK, Wales) – Shelagh Weeks
8. Challenges and opportunities of Creative Writing in Poland – Madga Ruta
Presentation of new individual members – César Requesens
Other candidates: The South Gate Society and University of East London
Vote on new members

19.00 to 20.00

Cinema (just French): Tu veux écrire | Place: Escuela de Escritores (map)
Dinner | Larra 13: C/Larra 13 (map)

Friday, May 29th

10.00 to 12.00

Meeting and breakfast | Place: Escuela de Escritores (map)
Walk to Conde Duque
Working session 3/6
Presentation of new individual members – Enrique Páez and Bea Montero
Evaluation of the on going projects
(Plenary presentation of results of this year and main ideas to work in)
1. Teachers’, staff and school exchanges. Erasmus+ KA1 support, member experiences, projects and results
2. Website and communication. Glossary, prompts and bibliography projects
3. Pedagogical Conference 2014 (Jyväskylä & Orivesi) results
Next pedagogical conference (Turin, 2016). NAWE conference 2015
4. Annual topic (Windows of the World follow-up)

12.15 to 14.00

Coffe break

Discussion of the on going projects: how to improve and make them grow
(Small groups and plenary reporting)
Group 1 about: Teachers’, staff and school exchanges
Group 2 about: Website and communication. Glossary, prompts and bibliography projects. Connection with journals and magazines
Group 3 about: Next pedagogical conference (Turin, 2016)
Group 4 about: Annual topic (Select a new one)

15.00 to 17.45

Lunch | Federal Café: Plaza Comendadoras, 9 (map)
Working session 4/6
Strategies for the future
1. EU Erasmus+ grants, KA1 and KA2 and what kind of projects could be financed: pedagogical and organizational projects (Simone Fenoil and Lorena Briedis)
2. Next KA2 project: objective, participants, possibility of preparing a new one for next year
3. Bilateral and multilateral cooperation
4. Teacher´s training
5. Rolling out and using MOOC
(Aude Lafait)
6. Other possible projects


Tour from old town to the restaurant | Meeting: Plaza de Oriente (map)
Dinner offered by Escuela de Escritores | Zeraín: C/Quevedo, 3 (map)

Saturday, May 30th

10.00 to 12.15

Meeting | Place: Escuela de Escritores (map)
Paralel workshop for students (with Harri Itsván Mäki)
Working session 5/6 divided in 2 groups
Pedagogical activities: lectures and methodological presentations
Group 1
1.1. New Approaches to Learning and the teaching of Creative Writing
Gale Burns. Kingston University (UK)
1.2. Creative writing as an escape route from the academic life
Terhi Forssen. Jyväskylä University (Finland)
1.3. Teaching/studying in a UK university
Shelagh Weeks. Cardiff University (UK)
1.4. Teaching creative writing in Denmark
Trisse Gelj. University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
1.5. Teaching Creative Writing to Speakers of Other Languages Overseas
Enrique Páez (Spain)
Group 2
2.1. Collaborative audioplay as a didactic project
Orhan Kipcack, sfd (Austria)
2.2. Digital Stories of the Invisible Youth
Risto Niemi-Pinttäry. Jyväskylä University (Finland)
2.3. CINEPUB online cinema platform
Lucian Georgescu (Romania)
2.4. Multi-disciplinary creative writing module
Andrea Holland, East Anglia University (UK)
2.5. SCRIPTUM Creative Writing Journal
Risto Niemi-Pinttäry. Jyväskylä University (Finland)
2.6. The multi-disciplinary creative writing module
Andrea Holland. East Anglia University (UK)
2.7. Teaching History of Writing and Media
Karin Esman Knudsen. University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

12.30 to 14.00

Coffe break
Working session 6/6
Strategies for the future
Bilateral and multilateral cooperation
Other possible projects

Restitution and conclusions

16.00 to 18.00

Lunch | Not organized by EdE (list of closest restaurants for small groups)
Extra time for other discussions, billateral meetings or the closing session if there is any delay on the schedule


Party and open mic | Place: Escuela de Escritores (map)

Sunday, May 31st

13.30 to 15.00

Visit to the Book Fair of Madrid | The Retiro park (C/ O´Donnell door)
Cañas and tapas lunch