Red PEA: the association of Creative Writing programs of the Americas in Spanish

From the 17th to the 20th of October, our president Javier Sagarna attended the second symposium of Red PEA (Red de Programas de Escrituras de las Américas), founded in Bogota, Colombia, in March 2015. The meeting was held at the University of Texas in El Paso.  A potential mutual membership between the emerging association and the EACWP was discussed for the coming future


Inspired by values similar to those of the EACWP, concerning integration and cooperation among diverse institutions devoted to the teaching of creative writing, Red PEA represents a sheer desire for embracing and structuring a Spanish speaking community of creative writing programs in the USA and in Latin America. In representation of Escuela de Escritores —as one of the top creative writing programs  in Spain and Latin America itself— and on behalf of the EACWP, our president Javier Sagarna was invited to this encounter to share his pedagogical experience and, also, to support –based on the experience accumulated in Europe- the founding process of the network (legal status, statutes, board elections) as well as the potential interchange of programs the association would eventually promote among its members.

img_20161018_083956170 In this sense, the founding members of Red PEA manifested their will to consolidate a collaboration agreement of mutual membership with the EACWP in order to enlarge a worldwide creative writing network. Cooperation initiatives and projects among  the Spanish speaking Americas and Europe may arise in the future. In this context, Escuela de Escritores was admitted as an institutional member of the emerging Red PEA, taking into consideration not only the common historical, cultural, and linguistic roots, but also the influential role of its programs on Spanish speaking European students as well as on American students. Escuela de Escritores’ partner school in Argentina, Casa de Letras, only non European institutional member to EACWP, is also a founding member of Red PEA.

Over the three days symposium, four committees have been created: legal status and statutes; website and communication policy; third symposium to be held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (October, 2017); pedagogical and methodological interchanges among  Red PEA members. José de Piérola —representative of El Paso University— was elected as general coordinator of the network.

img_20161018_132349366-1Additionally, this meeting included a series of round tables and workshops regarding “Creative Writing in Spanish in the USA”, “Teaching Creative Writing in the 21st. century” “Poetry and Fiction writing”, “Online programs”, among others, which counted on the contribution of representatives of the programs which assisted to the meeting:  University of Texas at El Paso, New York University, University of Iowa, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), Universidad Central (Colombia), Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (Argentina), Casa de Letras (Argentina), Universidad Diego Portales (Chile), Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and Escuela de Escritores (Spain).

The consolidation of a promising relationship between Red PEA and the EACWP, undoubtedly represents a great opportunity to extend the pedagogical sharing which is being built in Europe to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and an opening to the visions and methodological approaches of our American colleagues.