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EACWP International Conference: Creative Writing and Storytelling

In one week time, the EACWP inaugurates this new academic year 2016-2017 in Turin (Italy) with its greatest event of the year: the III International Pedagogical Conference. Enrollment is still open for last minute participants and the program is now available for all teachers, researchers and students interested


Jörg Piringer: “Rhythm & sound” at Scuola Holden

Thanks to our EACWP Teachers’ Interchange Programme along with the support of the Eramus+ programme, our Austrian colleague from the Vienna Poetry School (sfd), the sound poet and scientist Jörg Piringer held in English this two-days workshop in Turin. What follows is a snapshot of his experience in the headqueaters of Holden.

naaga staff

‘Always together’ by Lasse Lindqvist

Thanks to the recent collaborative connection with ‘Naaga’, our EACWP website will publish a representative sample of its texts from Finnish authors into English. ‘Naaga’ is a journal of Corpus, student association of literature, art education, art history and museology students in Finland. This first publication hands out a short story by our contributor Lasse Lindqvist.


A first attempt at a vision on creative writing as a learning place in Europe

Our colleague Erik Vanhee from Creatief Schrijven (Belgium), over the following reflection, renews some of the questions that have enlivened the vision and the mission of the EACWP. How do we dream Europe by teaching CW? Is there a European identity when it comes down to CW? How by teaching and learning CW are we writing Europe? are some of the concerns brought back in the light of our “spiritual wonder”


Spanish Creative Writing class in Vienna

Daniel Saavedra, our Chilean colleague from Escuela de Escritores (Madrid), was recently the official Spanish teacher for the Creative Writing class at the Vienna Poetry School (May, 2016). The course was organised in the context of the EACWP Teachers’ Interchange Programme, supported by Erasmus+. In the following text, Saavedra describes the methodology used over his course and reports his impressions about the pedagogical and cultural relevance of his teaching experience in Vienna.