Le Coin Bleu


In Brussels, Le Coin Bleu offers creative writing courses in literature (fiction and non-fiction), drama, cinema and journalism. All the teachers are specialized in their subject and have a long creative writing teaching experience.

Le Coin Bleu proposes one year long courses, 3h per week, every two weeks or per month, as well as weekends and one week residences. Students can choose between three levels according to their writing experience, from total beginners to advanced (where a writing project is finalized). In each regular course the teacher invites, once a year, a famous artist, writer, scriptwriter or play writer, to discuss and to share ideas with the group.

Le Coin Bleu has created several partnerships with drama centres, cultural centres, universities, newspapers headquarters, libraries and bookshops in Brussels, in which the teachers can work in the appropriate surrounding. Le Coin Bleu is the only creative writing school in Brussels, which offers four different writing disciplines/fields.