Écrire avec Kafka à Prague | Write with Kafka in Prague

From August the 20th to the 24th (2017), our colleagues from Aleph-Écriture (Paris) in collaboration with Literarny Noviny’s editorial office offers a workshop in Prague. Participants are invited to write from travelling and visiting Kafka’s imaginary throughout the city

Prague is at the same time omnipresent and almost invisible in Kafkas’s work. The obsessions of the author seem however born in the city in which he spent most of his life.

Aleph-Écriture’s French-speaking course Écrire avec Kafka proposes a transversal peregrination in Kafka’s life and artwork. Far from Prague’s common places and expected routes, the aim will be to track down across the city’s narrow streets the tortured and burlesque ghost of Joseph K. ; no less than the smiling, black and touching figure of the eternal youth.


Écrire avec Kafka à Prague.


Literarny Noviny’s editorial office


From August the 20th to the 24th 2017.


600 € (not including trip + hotel + meals).



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