Individual members

The EACWP has a special role named individual members, open to all the CW teachers and related people which are inside the associtiation. Here we present our individual members:

  • Linda Lappin

Novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. She publishes widely in US periodicals and travel anthologies. Upcoming projects include a memoir, Postcards from a Tuscan Interior, sections of which won a Solas Award from Travelers Tales, and Genius Loci: A Writer’s Guide to Conjuring the Soul of Place, a craft of writing book. She teaches English at the University of Rome. She holds an MFA from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop and is a member of the Associated Writing Programs (AWP) and of the European Association for Creative Writing Programs (EACWP).

  • Amir Or

He studied philosophy and comparative religion at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he later lectured on Ancient Greek Religion. In 1990 he founded Helicon Society and has been Editor-in-Chief of Helicon‘s journal and series of poetry books. In 1993 he set up the Arabic-Hebrew Helicon Poetry School and developed its unique methodology. He has taught creative writing in Israel, the UK, the US and Japan. He has also edited other literary journals and several anthologies of in European languages.

  • Joie Davidow

She is the author of Marked for Life (Harmony), and Infusions of Healing (Fireside). With Esmeralda Santiago, she is the co-editor of two story anthologies Las Mamis and Las Christmas (both Alfred A. Knopf). She was a founding editor of three award-winning publications: L.A. Weekly, L.A. Style and magazines. Her latest project is a historical novel, An Unofficial Marriage, about the lifelong love between 19th-century opera star Pauline Viardot-Garcia and Russian author Ivan Turgenev. She is currently founder and the editor of a weekly online magazine, Davidow makes her home in Rome, Italy, where she teaches workshops in creative writing, mentors writers’ peer group meetings, and works as a writing coach, book doctor and translator.

  • Georgia Makhlouf

She has obtained a doctorate degree in Communication from EHESS/Paris and has worked for a number of years as a consultant in marketing research and communication strategies. She has also taught in various universities and conducted projects in the field of publishing.

Her life is now divided between two countries and three professions: she lives between France and Lebanon, and is a literary journalist, a university professor and a teacher in the field of creative writing. She is a member of the editorial board and Paris correspondent of L’Orient Littéraire. She is a founding member and president of Kitabat, Association Libanaise pour le Développement des Ateliers d’Ecriture.

  • Joey Brown

Joey Brown (1976, Belgium) works as a book coach, creative writing teacher and meditation instructor. Since 2013 she has been living and working on the Greek island Ikaria. From April till October she organizes —at different locations spread over the island— guided writers residence, writing retreats, creative writing workshops and private as well as group meditation sessions. “I create time for rest and relaxation, for re-connection with our hearts, the place from which we start our best and most inner writings.” Ikaria is a wild, remote and highly inspiring island in the North Aegean Sea. Ikaria’s peacefulness and fantastic natural environment is ideal for writers and silence seekers. In recent years Ikaria appeared several times in the international news as a Blue Zone island or “the island where people forget to die”. More information

  • Enrique Páez

Master in Literature, and PhD Literary Theory postgraduate (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain). Currently he lives for writing and teaching. He won the Spanish National Narrative Lazarillo Prize in 1991, and has nine published novels. His books have been translated into ten languages, and they have sold over a million copies. His long essay book Writing: A Guideline of Narrative Techniques is a benchmark in studies of creative writing fiction in Spain and Latin America. From 1993 to 2008 he directed the Creative Writing Workshop of Madrid. More information

  • Beatriz Montero

Beatriz Montero, author of The Secrets of Storytelling, is a writer and a storyteller. Coordinator in charge of the International Storytelling Network / Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos (RIC). She has participated in major Storytelling Festivals in four continents. She has published several children’s novels, and adult stories. She has told stories every day on the TV show “The Snack”, El Día TV, for two years. Her Storytelling Channel Youtube has more than 4 million visits. More information

  • Philip Meersman

President of the Belgian Branch of the International Academy of Zaum, Co-ordinator of the Belgian and European Championship Poetry Slam and the European Poetry & Slam Network. He studied Art Sciences and Archaeology at the Free University of Brussels and is specialized in the International Avant-Gardes (including all these Neo’s), and the visual, sound and performance forms of poetry. He gives workshops on poetry writing, poetry performing, poetry on location and on all these border areas of literature.

As a multilingual poet/performer Philip Meersman pushes boundaries of poetry in both written and spoken form, drawing on current affairs, sociopolitical and environmental issues. His poems range from narrative and traditional form, to directives for performance pieces, to concrete studies of sound, individual words and even letters themselves. His work has been performed in more than 11 countries and translated into 13 languages. He published two poetry books, one in Holland (in Dutch) and one in the USA (in English) and writes also essays on visual and sound poetry as well as on poetry performances and festivals. He is a cofounder of DAstrugistenDA, artiestencollectief JA!, BruSlam and organizes the Annual Brussels International Underground Poetry Fest, dedicated to experimental poetry. In 2012 he became laureate of the “D. Buliuk award for outstanding achievements in the field of avant-garde art and the avant-garde in research” awarded by the International Academy of Zaum in Russia.

  • Mariana Torres

Mariana Torres was born in Angra dos Reis (Brazil) in 1981. She teaches Creative Writing since 2004. In Escuela de Escritores is in charge of the department of Teacher´s Training. As a writer she has published in several anthologies and won prizes. Her first book, “The secret body” will be published in 2015 by a Spanish publishing house. More information

  • Terhi Forssén

Terhi has studied literature and Finnish language at the University of Jyväskylä where she works as a lecturer in written communication. She has studied creative writing at the Orivesi College of Arts and attended workshops at the Gotham Writers’ Workshop (NY). As a teacher she has specialized in mentoring peer groups. In 2015 she has co-developed a new creative writing workshop open to all university students. Terhi is currently writing drama and poetry. She has worked as editor and proofreader in several publications.